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Spare Automatic Parkguard Lock Kit. This lock is used to secure the outside housing which secures the internal battery, PC board and motor. Each lock supplied with 2 keys and... Read More

Spring Loaded and Lockable Semi-Auto Parkguard offers a stronger more visible parking reservation device. – Size: 940*680*75 – Rising Height: 570 – Lowering Height: 75 – Foot Operated to lock, Smart – Key Operated to unlock,... Read More

Affordable guesthouse in Ladysmith: All our rooms come equipped with smart and neat beds, a TV, as well as access to a bathroom. We have a wide range of rooms... Read More

Rubber Speed Humps Features Of The Speed Humps. – 320mm x 500mm x 50mm – Half meter section Additional information Weight - 3 kg Dimensions - 50 × 32 × 5 cm Warranty - Yes Brands -... Read More

A Speed Bumps is a traffic calming device that is used on roads, car parks, or anywhere that cars, motorcyclists and bikes travel. A speed bump slows the speed of... Read More

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