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Distribution Box

Red-Belt Corporate is a distribution box manufacturer established in 2005, dedicated to the design and manufacture of distribution boxes, household appliances, and solar solutions, and is your trusted partner. Our distribution... Read More

Grid Tied Solar System

A grid-tied solar system is dependent upon your municipality's electrical grid. The DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic (PV) panels is sent through a grid-tied inverter, which converts it to... Read More

Wholesale Light Switches

A lighting system consists of many smaller components that work in concert to produce light. In addition to the bulbs, fixtures and wiring, the light switch is another key element... Read More

Galvanized steel pipe price (FOB price) ranges from USD 500 to USD 800 per ton. The big price difference is caused by many factors, such as the raw material, specifications,... Read More

We are a wholesale manufacturer of galvanized pipe for sale and are well-known at home and abroad for our excellent quality and reasonable prices. Now that our product is very... Read More

Carbon steel rectangular tubing is a strong, resilient and durable construction material. Due to its good hardness and strength, it is widely used in construction, machinery and other industries. Wanzhi... Read More

Carbon steel square tube is ideal for construction. Its design provides higher stiffness and strength compared to other steel shapes. Therefore, it is popular in many industries. Wanzhi Steel is... Read More

Carbon steel round pipe provides safety and durability. Because of its strength and ability to withstand stress, it is widely used in transporting gas, oil, water, sewage, shipbuilding, boiler or... Read More

Carbon steel tube is a hot-selling product of Wanzhi Steel. We have rectangular, round, and square carbon steel tubes for sale, which are also available in a wide range of... Read More

Stainless steel welded tube is rust-proof and has excellent high temperature resistance. It is well suited for use in environments with harsh conditions. It provides superior performance in both industrial... Read More