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About Us

PublicBuySell also referred to as folksonomy, collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. PublicBuySell save information online, not on your device. That means you can access it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. PublicBuySell is the process of tagging a website page with a browser-based tool so that you can easily visit it again later.

PublicBuySell helps to collect set of resources to share with friends and colleagues; anyone can participate in social bookmarking. PublicBuySell allow you to browse through the items based on most popular, recently added, or belonging to a certain category like shopping, technology, politics, blogging, news, sports, etc. PublicBuySell is a user-defined taxonomy system for bookmarks. Such a taxonomy sometimes called a folksonomy and the bookmarks referred to as tags.

You have to register with our social bookmarking site. It lets you store bookmarks, add tags of your choice, and designate individual bookmarks as public or private.

In our social bookmarking sites, discussion topics organized into specific rooms or threads where users follow content that is interesting to them. This makes social sites an excellent location for finding social media inspiration, earning backlinks and networking with potential influencers.