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Moldavite is a dark green Gemstone that has a mysterious origin. Moldavite is a molten glass stone that is thought to be formed by a large meteor effect. Moldavite is... Read More

Tempting Opal gem looks magnificent due to wonderful play of colors that look pleasing like a rainbow. Its an October birthstone as per the astrological relevance. Enhance your every look... Read More

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Wholesale jewelry manufacturer

Are you looking for a traditional and customized wholesale jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India? It is none other than our DWS Jewellery. People always get excited and crazy about... Read More

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Women's Best Friend – Vintage Gold Rings

Time-tested jewelry gets into the category of vintage; they are the ones which have a very long life in the markets. The craze for the jewelry belonging to the 1920-1950... Read More

Spiritually awake by wearing Moldavite Jewelry. Its high vibration and trans-formative energy make it an ideal gemstone. Wear Moldavite Pendant to eradicate all past traumatic stress and anxiety. In addition,... Read More