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SAMS Industrial Needs is an E-commerce company. Our products are adjustable wrench, hexagonal head bolt, minus screwdriver, hss hand tap, slogging open spanner etc in Chennai. We have more than... Read More

SAMS Industrial Needs is an E-commerce company. Our products are Claw Hammer, needle file, hex key wrench etc in Mysore. We have more than 40 years of experience in industrial... Read More

SAMS Industrial Needs is an E-commerce company. Our products are fasteners, taper roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, twist drills, keyless drill chuck, machine reamer, socket head allen screw... Read More

Affordable wheel balancer machine available

The development of wheel balancers coincides with progress toward accuracy and quality. Your well-known wheel balancer equipment, hence used. It is difficult to drive an automobile when the wheels are... Read More

We employ state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for concrete core cutting. Our tools, including diamond-tipped core drills and advanced machinery, enable us to cut through concrete efficiently and with minimal disruption.... Read More

Home Appliances | Repair Washing Machine Service Near Me

Our expert in Repair Washing Machine Service in Dubai, UAE experienced technicians to get your Home Appliances up and running smoothly again fast and reliable.... Read More

An air sander is a powerful tool that can be used to smooth and finish wood, metal, and other materials. If you’re in the market for an air sander, there... Read More

Hitachi Air Tool is widely used in modern machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile assembly/repair, construction and decoration, metal/stone/wood processing, and many other industries. It does not pollute the environment and has... Read More

If you don’t know what air drills are capable of, they help drill nails into walls or wood, building furniture, and putting up shelves, among other things. They save time... Read More

We are Vijay Sales Corporation - India's Piping Experts. "Your Cheat Code to Effortless Pipeline Purchasing - Unlock Convenience, Value, and Get Nationwide Delivery!" We have been providing our clients with... Read More