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What Does a Colour Consultant Do?

What Does a Colour Consultant Do?

Submitted by • February 27, 2020

When we walk into a space that is beautifully designed, we let out a gasp and take our time marveling at the place before we settle into a comfortable seat. We walk around slowly, closely observe the details of paintings, fixtures, and decorative items, and maybe even pause to take photos.

Once we’ve had that pleasant introduction with a space, the rest of the time we spend there is guaranteed to be time well spent. We are relaxed, energised, and generally in a chipper mood, and all because we feasted our eyes on lovely sights.

That experience is made possible through the work of a colour consultant. In interior design, a colour consultant is someone who puts together a colour scheme for a space, such that everything from wall paint to lighting to the colour of your countertop comes together in perfect visual harmony. Read on to learn more about what a colour consultant does.

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