Unveiling the Allure of Starbucks Blonde Roast: Calories, Hacks, & More!

In contrast to dark roasts, rich and intense in their flavor, the best illustration of light roast is the Blonde Roast of Starbucks due to it’s soft and mellow taste. Its roasting is originally attributed to the shortened process of roasting. Beans are roasted for a short period, which yields a lighter color and sacrifices the delicately balanced flavor.

Coffee foodies will rejoice at the complex flavors of citrus and sweet tastes, making it a foot fal for those who like their coffee without the bitterness. When brewing, remember to use the process like a pour over or a French press as they can fully own the coffee bean aroma and flavor. Unlike the Starbucks signature range of dark roast which tend to show coffee flavors with different layers of burn, Blonde Roast offers a neutral cup which is smooth and mild.