Google has been quite busy this year. The Silicon Valley tech giant has been eliminating older apps and providing users with fresh, revamped alternatives. The latest feature to get the axe is Google Search’s built-in timer.

Say Goodbye to Google’s Timer

Back in 2013, Google added a useful feature to its search engine tool that had nothing to do with search at all: a timer. All users had to do was search for anything like “14 minute timer” or “timer till 2pm,” and Google would instantly produce a widget and start the countdown. People were already spending a lot of time on Google at the time, so it could have made sense to keep track of it there. That timeframe seems to have expired, at least on the desktop.

Users may still set a timer for keeping track of various tasks such as clone phone apps by giving their phone a voice command using Search or Google Assistant. However, inputting a text command to set a timer on either mobile or desktop no longer works; instead, users are sent to YouTube results.

We only include this study thread because it demonstrates the obsolescence of a Google Search-based timer or stopwatch, don’t forget it may also count up! because we have various means to travel from nowhere to our clock app and instantaneously configure it to count towards wherever we want it to go.

More significantly, we want those clocks (and the reminder they’re intended to represent) to be accessible whenever and wherever we want them. That’s been difficult with so many gadgets on so many software systems these days, but there’s some optimism that Google Assistant may soon be constructing bridges to bridge the gaps. It might be included in a Pixel Feature Drop shortly.

No additional details have been revealed by Google up till now but we will keep an eye out and update our readers timely.