The Evolution and Importance of Egg Cartons: A Getaway into the Poultry Crates

The uses of the egg packages have however improved over the years with more adoptions being made towards environmental conservation. Poultry Cartons being one of the premier packaging companies in the industry has adopted this change by designing and providing superior quality cardboard egg trays for the health conscious consumers as well as the environment. It has been their company’s policy to introduce new products as a way of mastering the market as well as availing quality products that are environmentally friendly.

The Extent of Sustainable Packaging
Living in the pre-sustainable-economy period, there is growing awareness and a need for better packing material solutions. Most of the conventional packaging media including plastics and foams are gradually experiencing criticisms concerning their effect on the environment. Both ordinary persons as well as companies are looking for substitutes that do not only serve the intended purpose, but also do not harm the environment. Thus cardboard egg cartons with their capacity to decompose and be recycled is the most suitable one.