Structural Engineering Services

ASR leads world-class building projects throughout southern Ontario, with attentive and continuous customer service in both the private and public sectors. We specialize in a variety of building projects.

Residential Engineering Services
High-rise residential
Mid-rise residential​
Low-rise residential
Design optimization and development
Site inspections
Schedule G inspections
Building Code identification number reviews
Second suite and legal basements
Structural Engineering Ontario
Home renovation
Addition or removal of load-bearing walls

Commercial Engineering Services
Retail / Shopping / Storefronts
Industrial & Manufacturing

Agricultural Engineering Services
Barn, shed, storage structure & general agriculture structure design
New builds
Condition surveys
Residential Engineering
Agricultural renovation

Specialized Projects Engineering Services
Shoring & temporary structures
Stair, handrail, & guardrail systems
Retaining wall systems
Timber framing
Composite structural systems
Demolition permit management
Structural reinforcement
Construction project management
Fall protection systems
Signage structures
Metals design and shop drawing

structural engineering ontario
residential engineering services
residential engineering