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Stillness Is The Key

Stillness Is The Key

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There is a beautiful quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Trust no future, however pleasant!

Let the dead past bury its dead!

Act, act in the living present

Heart within and God o'erhead

Such beautiful lines.

How many of you were actually about things which were taking place in the last 24 hours?

How many of you are aware of the present moment?

There is a concept called Living in the present moment.

This is not true. We are always living in the present moment.

The point is to be aware of the present moment.

Are you aware?

Do you know about all the things which are taking place around you?

We are lost in the mind and its bullshit theories.

We are swinging between past and present.

We dwell on what has happened and we are afraid of what will happen. Truly speaking, past and present are just illusions. The only time which exists is the present moment.

Consider reading the power of now short summary to know more about the present.

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