small diesel forklift

Diesel forklifts are one of the toughest workhorses in material handling, suitable for a wide range of unit loads and designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor work. Powered by easily accessible and usable fuel, engine forklifts perform extremely well in harsh environments, including wet or dirty conditions.

The small diesel forklift is equipped with a fuel-injected engine that provides excellent horsepower and torque in tough material handling environments. A fuel management system optimizes fuel economy and extends tire life.

Features of the small diesel forklift
1、Fully automatic step-less speed control electric transmission ensures superior driving performance and track performance of the forklift.

2、New superpower engine with good performance, low fuel consumption and sufficient power reserve, in line with EPA standard displacement.

3、Advanced hydraulic system, two-position lifting system can automatically adjust the lifting speed according to the weight of goods, and the electric control valve works safely and efficiently.

4、The equipment adopts a heavy-duty drive axle with a large load capacity and an enhanced oil-cooled brake system, which improves reliability and durability.

5、The equipment is equipped with a fine safety monitor with clear vision and a three-stage switch lock confirmation device to ensure safe operation.

6、Centralized control lever and doping automatic instrument, easy to operate and beautiful appearance.

7、CJ-type high-strength mast is welded with fine steel, featuring high strength and high rigidity. Adopt the international advanced level Swedish "H" type ELME spreader, to improve the reliability of operation.

8、New passenger cabin, comfortable window, wide view, equipped with air conditioning, can change the operating environment.

9、The whole vehicle is advanced in technology, beautiful and reasonable in layout, which is the best new model.

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