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A servo drive is utilized for delivering power to a servomotor with feedback made to precisely control speed, position, and torque in machine automation systems and robotics. Motion control software may control a servo drive to shift to a preferred position with a preferred profile velocity. It may even control a target speed or torque. Feedback sensors are utilized for measuring actual position, speed, and torque (current) as pointer to shut the loop between controlled and real values. Classical PID or modern nested loop both comes under robust control loop is used for closing the feedback loop with comparative, integral, and elective differential gains.

Servo drive is a type of motor control system that uses feedback to precisely control the position, velocity, and acceleration of a motor. It consists of a motor, a controller, and a feedback device. The controller receives a command signal from the user and sends a signal to the motor that adjusts its speed and position accordingly. The feedback device measures the actual speed and position of the motor, and sends this information back to the controller, which then adjusts the output to the motor to ensure that the desired speed and position are maintained. This type of system is used in many applications such as robotics, automotive, and industrial automation.