Refrigerated van rentals: Are they worth investments for healthcare providers

Healthcare services generally rely on a steady supply of pharmaceutical goods to care for patients. However, transporting such goods could be a complex process. Temperature plays a prominent role in the viability of several pharmaceuticals, such as insulin, vaccines, medications, and this makes the refrigerated van an essential form of transport.

However, reliable and accurate refrigerated vans need multiple temperature compartments, high specification equipment, and comprehensive maintenance services. Could refrigerated van rental be the solution to cold supply chain transport problems? YES

Generally, healthcare companies need to transport pharmaceuticals among the retail pharmacies, wholesalers, and other distribution depots. This cargo van can be time & temperature sensitive and very expensive to a complex regulatory environment. The cost and complexity of the cold supply chain transport puts pressure on this supply chain process.

Well, in order to manage the costs & meet challenging industry targets, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare authorities are outsourcing transportation to these cold chain transport firms. Fraikindayim has a wide range of refrigerated vans for lease and rental that suit your needs.