Location: Denmark

Vores hundes pleje og velvære er vigtigt for os. Vi er stolte af at opdrage sunde, glade hvalpe af høj kvalitet. Derfor tilbyder vi livstids sundhedsgaranti. Vores hvalpe introduceres til... Read More

Informatica Cloud is a data integration solution and platform that works as Software as a Service (SaaS). It can connect to on-premises, cloud-based applications, databases, flat files, file feeds, and... Read More

PEPPOL is a set of standards and technical specifications that provide secure and quick electronic document movement around the world. PEPPOL’s components provide interoperability of e-invoices and other e-procurement papers,... Read More

e-Invoicing Compliance in 2022

Across the globe, countries are turning more and more towards e-invoicing. Why? Because the benefits speak for themselves. E-invoicing drastically reduces the cost of processing an invoice, decreases the likelihood... Read More

Integrating Procure-to-Pay and ERP Systems with HubBroker

Procure-to-pay is the process of integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems to create greater efficiencies. It exists within the larger procurement management process and involves four key stages: selecting goods... Read More

AP Automation: Saving the Logistics Industry from Drowning in Paper

Transportation and Logistics companies are the backbone of global trade. With margins becoming razor thin, Transportation and Logistics businesses are moving away from paper-based processes to enable supply chain continuity... Read More

Making the Most of a Supplier Portal

Most Buyers recognize the benefits of electronic invoicing. From increasing AP department productivity to decreasing errors and costs, Buyers gain significant advantages from e-invoicing. What’s often less obvious are the... Read More

Current State of Mandatory e-Invoicing in Europe

As local e-invoicing compliance requirements increase, so too does the corresponding technical complexity needed to implement them. This is especially true for Business to Government suppliers (B2G) and for Business... Read More

HubBroker: Integrations With EDI & API Integration

Proper integration between ERP and 3PL companies and systems expands the ability of the 3PL vendor to truly become a logistical extension of the ERP client, and gives the ERP... Read More

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