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How to deal with the integration problem of software

How to deal with the integration problem of software

Submitted by • July 24, 2020

Just as important as the BPMS software package is how this platform can well introduce other business applications into new processes. A company's BPMS product integrates Microsoft Office applications into the "Quote to Cash" workflow. By eliminating manual operations between sales and finance departments related to sales and customer order prices, the new process reduces the transaction cycle by 65% and the capital cycle and manpower participation time by 75%.

In some of the new processes, financial analysts receive pre-processed electronic calculation forms via email. Perform the necessary analysis, and then return these spreadsheets by e-mail so that it can continue to the next step in the process. Provide coordination and choreography for this process, and provide the necessary connections between financial data and other company systems. "The advantage of doing this is that you haven't changed the way people work.

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