This page you will get all top 10 linkein video influencer list.

1. Goldie Chan
Goldie is a recognized Top LinkedIn video creator. She is the Founder and Head of Content & Creative for Warm Robots, a social strategy agency. She has published 600+ videos on LinkedIn and posts an original video every day!

Goldie documents her visits, hosts interviews with industry influencers, shares her own opinions and ideas about business and personal brand building, and documents her visits to conferences and seminars in the creative and marketing industries.

2. Allen Gannett
Allen founded TrackMaven, which in October 2018 merged with Skyword, a top content marketing platform.

Allen’s style of video content creation is like a superpower. His videos are impromptu, and it looks like he is always on the go. ?

He networks with his peers and influencers during industry events and encourages them to share actionable tips in business building, branding, marketing, and more.
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