Hampta pass Trek himalaya Shelter

Embarking at the Hampta Pass trek is a thrilling adventure through the majestic Indian Himalayas. Here is a detailed guide on a way to take this memorable experience.

**1.1. Pattern:**
– Determine the length of journey. Hampta Pass trek commonly takes four to 6 days to complete.
– Choose the pleasant time to stroll, that is typically between June and September while the climate is good.
– For a guided excursion, locate and pick out a reputable tour operator. Alternatively, if you have travel enjoy and are confident to your capabilities, plan your itinerary.

**2.1. Who came to Manali:**
– Manali serves because the base of the Hampata Pass trek. Travel to Manali through avenue or public transport from larger cities like Delhi.

**3.1. Start walking:**
– The trek starts from Jobra village which is about 2 hours faraway from Manali. Jobra can be reached by way of hiring a taxi or the usage of public delivery.
– Trek from Jobra to the first camp at Chika. Next to Ranillah, the street passes thru dense forests of pine and maple trees.

Travel to Balu Ka Gera:
– Continue your journey from Chika to Balu Ka Gera, a stunning camping vicinity surrounded with the aid of excessive mountains. This path offers breathtaking perspectives of snow-capped mountains and alpine meadows.

Humpta Pass Forum
– The next leg of the hike involves a steep climb to Hampta Pass at an altitude of approximately 14,000 ft. The surrounding Himalayas may be visible from the skip.
– Coming down from Hampta Pass, you may attain Shi Goru camp, where you could relaxation and rejuvenate after a difficult climb.

Explore Spiti Valley
– Cross the Hampta Pass and descend similarly into the Spiti Valley, Barren-l