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fr4 94v0 circuit board

fr4 94v0 circuit board

Submitted by • October 23, 2020

What does 94V0 mean? We often see UL dash of flame retardant plastics; 94V0, what does it mean? UL certification carried out by UL in the United States is generally carried out a variety of certification. There are two ways for ul to certify burning Plastics: one is that we usually see the most UL dashes.94V0, V1, V2, V5, which is the vertical combustion test method; the other one usually does not conform to UL94 Hb, which is the level of the test method. UL94 HB: horizontal burning this plastic burns slowly but does not extinguish itself. This type is the lowest level of UL and usually does not work when using the vertical V0, V1, or V2 methods.

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