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Foods High In Oxalate | Kidney C.O.P

Foods High In Oxalate | Kidney C.O.P

Submitted by • December 30, 2020

Oxalate is a compound found in many foods and is also a waste product produced by the body. Normally it exits the body through urine, however excess oxalate can cause the formation and growth of calicum oxalate crystals and stones in the kidney. If you have ever had an issue with calcium oxalate kidney stones, then increasing water consumption and limiting the amount of oxalates you ingest may help. Futhermore, if your doctor has recommended you follow a low oxalate diet (or kidney stone reduction diet) to help reduce the chances of calcium oxalate kidney stone recurrance, then please search our database for low oxalate foods to consume, high oxalate foods to avoid and moderate oxalate foods to enjoy occasionally.

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