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Energy |Reiki Healing |Divine Healing | Energy Management

Energy |Reiki Healing |Divine Healing | Energy Management

Submitted by • August 23, 2020

At times in life , we are at the beginning of something new & the challenges start dropping in swiftly . A person has started learning walking with such difficulty and is forced by destiny to run .

My family business involved giving plants on rental and maintaining them at offices , shops and verandahs . Of course labor was involved & dealing with them meant lowering myself to survival consciousness a lot of times . In a certain way , this has been a means of God to return my consciousness to the level of individuality .

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Child’s Healing Experience
Energy Management
Yogi Buddhadeva
At the same time , I had started healing people professionally which meant that my consciounness-energy had to be at a very high level – at least , the heart level . When these two duties were done at separate times , it was bearable but it the times of mobile phone connections

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