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AM600 3D 6S Freestyle Flight Plane Motor

1.The T-Motor AM600 is a powerful motor for 3D models in the 60-65" category with a weight of 3-4Kg. 2.The T-Motor AM600 is very well made. Thanks to the ripples... Read More

W30 4-6S Underwater Thruster for ROVs/AUVs/ Boats Specially

The CubeMars W30 underwater thruster is a propulsion device developed by CubeMars specifically for corrosive marine environments.This design boasts corrosion resistance, high efficiency, and a compact structure. The magnet surface... Read More

RI70 12V-48V Frameless Inrunner Collaborative Robot Motor

CubeMars has introduced the RI series frameless inrunner motor, an ideal choice for high-precision joint motors and brushless DC motors in the fields of industrial automation and robotics technology. Specifically... Read More