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Explore the exquisite collection of lab grown diamonds jewellery in India, showcased by Solitario, the world's first lab grown jewellery brand featured on the iconic Burj Khalifa. Embrace sustainability and... Read More

Witness the historic moment as Solitario, the world's first lab grown jewellery brand, graces the iconic Burj Khalifa. Co-founded by Vivek Oberoi, Solitario epitomizes innovation and sustainability in the realm... Read More

Experience luxury redefined with The Solitario, home to the best lab grown diamond jewellery crafted with precision and passion. Co-founded by Vivek Oberoi, our collection exemplifies elegance and ethics, offering... Read More

Discover the groundbreaking journey of Solitario, the world's premier lab grown jewellery brand, as it graces the illustrious Burj Khalifa. Founded by Vivek Oberoi and championing lab grown diamonds in... Read More

Solitario Pioneering Sustainable Luxury with Lab Grown Diamonds

Explore the forefront of sustainable luxury with Solitario, co-founded by Vivek Oberoi, featuring exquisite lab grown diamond jewellery. Discover a collection that redefines elegance while prioritizing ethical craftsmanship and environmental... Read More

Solitario, the world's pioneering lab grown diamonds jewellery brand, proudly graces the illustrious Burj Khalifa, marking a historic moment in sustainable luxury. Co-founded by Vivek Oberoi, Solitario shines as... Read More

Indulge in sustainable luxury with Solitario's exquisite Lab Grown Diamond Rings, meticulously crafted to perfection. Founded by Vivek Oberoi, our collection reflects a commitment to ethical sourcing and timeless elegance.... Read More