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ARM embedded Rockchip SOM RK3588 Android Ubuntu AIOT core board

The RK3588 SOM is the main component of a SOM based system.It contains the essential components required for the system to function, such as the CPU, RAM, and flash memory.... Read More

SoC vs SoM (System on Chip vs System on Module)

A System on Chip or SoC is a key component in Embedded Systems today. An SoC refers to a single chip or IC with a completely electronic or computer system... Read More

RK3588 SOM SBC in Machine Vision

Introducing the RK3588 SOM SBC in Machine Vision, a cutting-edge solution tailored for the demands of machine vision applications. This advanced System-on-Module Single Board Computer leverages the power of the... Read More

System-on-Chip vs Single Board Computers

SoC, which stands for System on Chip, refers to a compact integrated chip that incorporates all essential components and circuits of a specific system. On the other hand, SBC stands... Read More