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Spa Centre in Kanyakumari by Hotel TriSea

Spa: 1.A Spot Treatment involves targeting specific areas on your face to help address skin concerns such as blemishes, dark spots, age spots, sun spots as well as uneven skin tone. 2.Herbal... Read More

The Hotel Tri Sea is a comfortable hotel ideally located in the heart of Kanyakumari, very near to beach and few minutes from the Kanyakumari Bus Terminus. Our unique and... Read More

Kanyakumari certainly features among the list of explore-before-they-become-too-famous, thanks to its quiet beaches, lush green landscapes, ancient temples, and unique culture. While everyone knows about Kanyakumari being the last point... Read More

Kanyakumari is culturally significant for people of all religions. In addition to the ancient temples, centuries-old churches and mosques peacefully coexist in the city. Each place of worship has its... Read More