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What is Software Testing and how does it work?

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QA Consulting in India by Fleek

Fleek IT Solutions has 70+ global QA resources in 2 different countries/regions, provides more than 30 QA testing services and covers all time zones, and is a global leader in... Read More

Database load test using Jmeter

In real life, there are many situations when you have to connect to a database using Jmeter for example: load testing of your database, manipulating (insert, update, delete) data in... Read More

Software Testing Trends In 2022

Most companies in all walks of life use big data and process large amounts of data to implement marketing strategies that require continuous and effective testing. Big data testing processes... Read More


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Testing will be carried out on software and hardware, including mobile applications. To test a mobile phone, we include various parts of it, such as hardware, software, applications, widgets, user... Read More

Selenium is an open-source web automation library. It supports many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc and many languages – python, java, C#, javascript etc. Here we will get to... Read More

Effective Mobile App Testing Techniques

The market is inundated with a variety of mobile applications, the question that arises is what drives the persuasiveness of a mobile app? What is the primary concern of App... Read More

What is Database Testing? by Fleek IT Solutions

Structural tests validate components in a data repository that is mainly used for archiving, such as table and column tests, stored procedures and lookup tests, trigger checks, etc. Black box... Read More

OpenLM is a leading provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications. OpenLM software tools track large numbers of expensive software licenses that have been purchased by the... Read More