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Shitala Mata is a folk deity and an incarnation of supreme Goddess Durga; cures poxes, sores, ghouls, pustules, and diseases. Shitala literally means ‘one who cools’ and is referred to... Read More

A compactly carved figure of Devi Lakshmi. Poised within a makeshift temple on a double-layered lotus-bloom plinth. From the iconography to the style of the surrounding temple structure, this composition... Read More

A glowing Ramadurbar Tanjore painting for your home or office walls. The haloed Lord Rama is at the very center of the canvas. His smooth dusky skin sets off the... Read More

In a touch of artistic poetry – the god of auspicious starts – is artistically shown reclining in rest in this ‘panchaloha’ bronze statue executed in the ‘madhuchista vidhana’ lost... Read More

The art historian Partha Mitter, when writing his oft-cited masterpiece ‘Many Maligned Monsters,’ explained that European and Victorian sensibilities wrongly assumed the significance of Indian art – when they came... Read More

An ancient South Indian legend tells of Deva Guru Brihaspati and Lord of Winds Vayu, descending to Earth to build a Bhuloka Vaikuntam, in the Thrissur district of Kerala. It... Read More

Polished with a golden sheen and cast in bronze, the majestic Hanuman kneels in the form of Panchamukhi (five-headed) on this sculpture. All his five heads stare off in five... Read More

This large mythical bird is a representation of birth and heaven and an enemy of snakes, carrying amalgamated features of an eagle and human. Here it sits on a large... Read More

On the pistil of an upturned lotus, pedestal stands the steady chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) Ganesha, poised on a quadrilateral plinth engraved with lotus petals. The vertical structures on either side of... Read More

An image of tender devotion. Lord Hanuman kneels on one knee upon the earth and gathers His hands in the supplicatory namaskaaram. His tail flourishes behind Him as He raises... Read More