Author: DIC Fasteners

Flange Nuts Exporters in Spain

DIC is an Exporter of Flange Nuts, with an internal thread that works in conjunction with bolts. Our Flange Nuts have a protruding rim on one side. These Nuts look... Read More

Coupling Nuts Exporters in Spain

We are an Exporter of Coupling Nuts in Spain. Our Coupling Nuts are supplied in all types of materials and ASTM specifications. DIC Coupling Nuts have amazing features such as... Read More

Self Drilling Screws Exporters in USA

We are Exporter of Self-Drilling Screws in USA. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, and dimensions and also be customized as per customer requirements. DIC Screws have... Read More

Toothed Lock Washers Exporters in USA

DIC is an Exporters of Toothed Lock Washers in India. Our Tooth Lock Washers are made with small, sharp teeth formed around the inner hole or outer diameter depending on... Read More

Carriage Bolts Exporters in USA

DIC is an Exporter of Carriage Bolts in USA. Our bolts provide an excellent service to our customers. These Bolts are used in wood and metal construction applications. Carriage Bolts... Read More

Bevel Washers Exporters in USA

DIC is an Exporter of Bevel Washers in USA. DIC Washers are made from high-quality stainless steel and are also available in other materials. Special sizes can also be manufactured... Read More

Structural Rivets Exporters In USA

DIC Fasteners is an Exporter of Structural Rivets, high-strength blind rivets used when a typical blind rivet is not strong enough to handle a heavy load. The rivet has a... Read More

Hex Socket Set Screws Exporters in USA

DIC is an Exporter of Hex Socket Set Screws in India. We produce both metric and imperial sized Set Screws with standard & non-standard sizes. These are also available in... Read More

Foundation Bolts Exporters in USA

We are an Exporter of Foundation Bolts. These Bolts provide an excellent solution to connect structural and non-structural elements to solid materials. Our Foundation Bolts have unique features such as... Read More

DIC Fastener is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Blind Rivets in USA, also known as pop rivets, which consists of both the rivet and a mandrel. Blind... Read More