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An Update: Opt-in and out guidelines of WhatsApp

An Update: Opt-in and out guidelines of WhatsApp

Submitted by • October 9, 2020

Starting at July 19, 2020, WhatsApp is refreshing its WhatsApp Opt-in strategy for business started messages through WhatsApp Business API. As indicated by this new approach, pick in through WhatsApp and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is acceptable.

Key Changes in the Opt-in policy:

No longer a 3rd party platform is mandatory for obtaining opt-in.
Opt-in permission has to be obtained in-line and contextually during the relevant user flows
A visual element (e.g. a checkbox) next to the WhatsApp name and logo, with adjacent language stating the type of information to be messaged.
Providing the ability to edit the WhatsApp number used for the opt-in

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